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Re: [r6rs] quest to make the makers package work

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: [r6rs] quest to make the makers package work
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 22:40:17 +0200
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On Tue 08 Jun 2010 10:15, Marco Maggi <address@hidden> writes:

> How would you change:
> <>
> to make it work with  Guile?  Notice that the Makefile has a
> "gtest" rule to run Guile on the test file.

Interesting test. So, with current git it does run, but fails with:

ERROR: In procedure string-ref:
ERROR: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting string): #<undefined>

I think this is due to Guile expanding internal definitions using letrec
and not letrec* (which we do not have yet). Unfortunately it's not
giving me the error that I wanted, which is probably a bug; oh well,
back to the hack.


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