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Guile-PG back in the groove

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile-PG back in the groove
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 22:07:26 +0200
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Greetings earthlings,

Guile-PG repo is again online, but this time, no longer at
Instead, you can find the savannah link through the new homepage:

This is "non-GNU" for now until testing shows that it can work with
(the upcoming) Guile 2.x.  At that time, i will request its status be
changed to "official GNU software" and seek co-maintainers.

People can help speed up this process by trying to build/use Guile-PG
with Guile 2.x, reporting bugs, proposing patches, and so forth.  Note
that patches that break interop w/ Guile 1.4.x will not be considered.

A note about cloning: The git repo has no ‘master’ branch, even though
its HEAD points to refs/heads/master.  Presently i know of no way to
change that (as the project admin) barring asking a savannah admin to
DTRT (see my Q, end of <>).
Practically, this means that "git clone" will fetch successfully, but
fail on checkout.  The workaround is to:

  cd guile-pg
  git checkout -b p origin/p

manually afterwards (see file HACKING for details on ‘p’ et al).

Happy hacking,

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