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Trying guile as an extention language for a 'real world' product

From: rixed
Subject: Trying guile as an extention language for a 'real world' product
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 07:36:51 +0200
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Hi list !

At work, I recently pushed the idea to use an extention language for our
main product, which is a middle sized program written in C with many
threads, that must run quickly without without interruption 24/7, and
that have little memory nor CPU to spare.

As nobody comes with a better idea, and as I'm secretly in love with
scheme and aligned to the GNU world domination plans, this extention
language is going to be guile.

The first usage for this extention language would be to replace the
various configuration system with a simpler and more powerfull interface
from scheme to C configuration datas. But I just came across Andy's
slides for ghm 2009, where he says that guile is "not so much for config
files (days of fvwmrc long gone)".

What does he mean by that ? Are there any contraindication against using
guile as an extention language for configuration ?

And thanx for all the hacks !

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