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EOF (C-d) behavior in guile + readline.

From: Andrew Bagdanov
Subject: EOF (C-d) behavior in guile + readline.
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:39:13 +0200

Hi everyone,

First of all, fantastic work on bringing Guile ever closer to the 2.0
release.  I'm having lots of fun playing with all of the new features.

I'm using the latest git master, and am a bit puzzled about the
behavior of C-d (EOF) on recursive repls when readline is active.  On
a recursive repl WITHOUT readline activated, Ctrl-d does what I expect
-- it drops me down to the previous recursive repl.  With readline,
however, it drops me all the way out of Guile completely.  I'm trying
to track this down in the source, but am having trouble identifying
where I should be poking around: in readline.c, readline.scm, in the
main repl code or in some combination of all of these.

Any ideas?



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