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Guile for Game Scripting

From: Luiji Maryo
Subject: Guile for Game Scripting
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 23:34:11 -0400


As a side project, I am developing a free software game engine and IDE
for 3D games aiming for rapid application development, portability,
and quality even on old hardware.

The gaming industry de facto standard for game scripting is Lua.
However, I want this to be a GNU project at some point, and the GNU
official standard scripng language is, as you know, Guile.

The problem is that Guile is not nearly as easy to learn as Lua, and
most game developers will already know Lua.  Guile also does not seem
fitting for game development, as it leans more towards mathematical
computer science and artificial intellegence.  However, both math and
AI are essential to game development.

Another thing is that I don't think Lua is at all good as a markup
language compared to Guile-parsable SEXPS, and even XML and YAML.

My questions are as follows:

- Would it be bad to use Lua?  The GNU standards say to use Guile
unless it is very unsuitable, and it appears that it is very
unsuitable with Lua being so much more known.

- If I use Lua as a scripting format, would it be bad to use Guile for
a markup language?  Or would it be better to implement a short,
50-line SEXP parser.
-- It appears to me that implementing a SEXP parser would be much more
efficient since many of Guiles features would be wasted.

- Would Guile actually be better for game development then Lua?

I currently want to use a SEXP/Lua combination, but I am open to suggestion.

- LM

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