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Re: Plotting in Guile

From: Joel James Adamson
Subject: Re: Plotting in Guile
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 12:56:20 -0400
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Mike Gran <address@hidden> writes:

>> Hello,
>> 1. Is there is a plotting extension for guile, or a library that I could
>> use in such a way?  The advantage of GNUPLOT is that it can produce many
>> different kinds of output, including SVG and Pstricks code.  If a
>> plotting module exists, I haven't found it yet.
> For my own personal use, I have a Guile binding of GNU Plotutils.  I had
> planned that someday I'd clean it up and making it available.  It has most
> of the functionality of the GNU Plotutils 'graph' program.  

My questions:
1.  What is the status of Plotutils?  I looked into it a while ago and
    it seemed really out of date and seemed to have a very small user
2. Can plotutils produce a variety of outputs?  Pstricks or EPS output
   would be best; SVG would be a plus

> (But, I guess if you want a solution today, my vaporware isn't going
> to help.)

Today would be nice, but before I graduate is more what I'm looking
for.  If plotutils is what I'm looking for, then perhaps we can
collaborate to make your code more presentable.


Joel J. Adamson
Servedio Lab
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

FSF Member #8164

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