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Re: Plotting in Guile

From: Linas Vepstas
Subject: Re: Plotting in Guile
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 13:26:33 -0500

On 28 July 2010 12:54, Joel James Adamson <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hans Aberg <address@hidden> writes:
>> GNUPLOT seems to require pipes, if not using a file.
> The question from the IPC newbie (myself): is there something wrong with
> pipes?  I've read a basic tutorial and they seem to do what I would
> need, but the author seemed to think they were worthless.  Educate me.

Nothing. If you are a young programmer who is used to subroutine API's
then working with pipes is disconcerting. If you are a hot-shot web
designer, then the fact that its not XML and RPC and DTD and
stylesheets and whatever makes it feel stone-age. I'm guessing the
tutorial author was one/both of those.


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