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My Project: Guile Hypertext Preprocessor

From: Luiji Maryo
Subject: My Project: Guile Hypertext Preprocessor
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 20:12:16 -0400


When looking through, I came across this nifty little idea for a PHP-like hypertext preprocessor that works with Guile (at least that's how I understood it), and I decided that I'd implement it, since PHP is starting to get on my nerves (the XML handler just kills me).

I was also thinking of extending it to a level in which programs and languages can be run simultaneously:

  interpreter="/usr/bin/env guile"
  interpreter="/usr/bin/env perl"
  (define title "My Title")
  (define user "CoolDude1024")
<head><title><?g (write title) ?></title></head>
<h1><?g (write title) ?></h1>
How are you doing today, <?g (write user) ?>?  <?p print "I've written this in Perl!!!" ?>.

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on this concept before I get too far through coding it.
- Luiji Maryo (a.k.a. Brain Boy)
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