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How to enter gds debugging mode in Emacs?

From: Shenli Zhu
Subject: How to enter gds debugging mode in Emacs?
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 00:01:57 +0800


What's the easiest way to enter Guile(1.9.11) gds debugging mode in Emacs(23.2)?

I have tried several ways but all failed:
1. follow Guile document "4.4.8 An Example GDS Session", Emacs didn't pop up a stack buffer, but just print the result 24.
2. set break point by "C-x SPC"(from gds-tutorial.txt), Emacs pop an error, the function is obsolete?
3. Use C-u C-x C-e to add debug, the result is like C-x C-e, no stack buffer

Any suggestion?

BTW, I have to say some GUI debuggers (eg. PLT-scheme) are more user-friendly, just click debug and .... :) 


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