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[r6rs] abusive request for help on "unbound variable" error

From: Marco Maggi
Subject: [r6rs] abusive request for help on "unbound variable" error
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 22:25:29 +0100


  sorry for being abusive in this request; I am developing a
small  experimental  package[1] and  so  far  it works  with
Larceny,  Mosh,  Petite  Chez,  Racket, Vicare  and  Ypsilon
(meaning that  it passes the  tests I have written  so far);
for this  reason I  am somewhat confident  that the  code is

  With       Guile's       master      branch       checkout
8d10ccae79ff46f0ebea92ba36acfaebafba8d86        on        an
i686-pc-linux-gnu I get the following error:

;;; compiling ./tests/test-functional.sps
;;; WARNING: compilation of ./tests/test-functional.sps failed:
;;; key vm-error, throw_args (vm-run "VM: Unbound variable: ~s" (#<variable 
8506618 value: #<undefined>>))
guile: uncaught throw to vm-error: (vm-run "VM: Unbound variable: ~s" 
(#<variable 8506618 value: #<undefined>>))

it is cryptic to say the least; commenting out all the tests
from the "test-functional.sps" file  the error goes away, it
seems that the form:

(define-type +
  ((<fixnum> <fixnum> -> <fixnum>)      fx+)
  ((<flonum> <flonum> -> <flonum>)      fx+)
  ((<number> <number> -> <number>)      +))

at line 67 is enough to trigger the error.  I wonder if some
kind  soul can  try it  and/or suggest  how to  inspect this
further; if  you do,  just running "make  gtest" in  the top
source directory will run the test with Guile.


P.S. It appears that some  or all the bindings from the R6RS

  (rnrs arithmetic fixnums)
  (rnrs arithmetic flonums)

are not re-exported by (rnrs).

[1] <>
Marco Maggi

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