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Re: [Swig-user] swig guile2

From: William S Fulton
Subject: Re: [Swig-user] swig guile2
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 20:14:36 +0000
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On 22/03/11 08:16, Tristan Colgate wrote:
On 21 March 2011 20:32, William S Fulton<address@hidden>  wrote:

Are you proposing a 2nd SWIG Guile module in addition to the current module?

   The code as it stands is exactly that, a new module. I have worked
under the assumption that breaking the existing guile support was

I am no guile user, so can't help on the Guile side. The guile SWIG module
is suffering neglect and doesn't seem to work with modern versions of Guile
- the test-suite fails for me. Only very rarely are there Guile queries on
the SWIG mailing list, so suspect it isn't used much. Would it make sense to
drop the older Guile interface altogether and just use Guile 2?

   The existing guile module support the gh_ interface and the older
version of the SCM interface. It also doesn't work with guiles current
GC. It's entirely useless for the current version of guile. I had
assumed that since SWIG still ships it, enough people care about
legacy guile support to not want it broken.

   I've only just started looking into getting the test-suite working
with my guile2 work, but I do intend on getting it to the point where
it all passes.

If it all passes, it will then be good enough to commit to trunk and to be included in future SWIG releases. Please discuss on swig-devel if you get to this stage.

   For me personally, the old guile module is no longer useful.
However, guile 2.0 is not widely deployed in distributions yet and
that may take some time.

BTW, there
is the swig -scm option for guile 1.6+. So there seems to be GH and SCM and
now guile 2 API... does that sound right that there are so many C interfaces
or is your Guile 2 interface just SCM?

   The -scm support works by mapping the old SCM interface to the GH
interface.. Almost all the scm_ calls used by the existing guile
module are deprecated. I tried implementing and -scm2 option within
the existing module but it was more awkward than I could bare.

   I'm not sure that there is going to be enormous support for this
within the guile community either really. Guile 2 ships with a new FFI
and using that is, obviosuly, of more interest to them. I've struggled
wrapping legacy APIs with it though and SWIG really is rather good.

Well if you get the new version up to scratch perhaps SWIG could just support Guile 2 and later unless someone really objects. The older Guile would then require earlier versions of SWIG.


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