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Re: propagating a coding setting across source files

From: Mike Gran
Subject: Re: propagating a coding setting across source files
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 10:13:05 -0800 (PST)

>>>>  I added to the master file the following comment:
>>>>  ; coding: iso-8859-1
>>>>  which works as documented.
>>>>  How can I avoid to add this comment line to all the other files
>>>>  which are currently included by the master file using 
> "load"?
>>>  You can (fluid-set! %default-port-encoding "iso-8859-1").
>>>  Let us know if this doesn't work.
>>  If I add this to my master file it does not help.
>>  Where should I put your command?
> It could be that there is an issue regarding compile-time versus
> run-time;
> If you put this at the top of your file, before any use-modules or
> anything like that, does it work?
>   (eval-when (eval load compile)
>     (fluid-set!  %default-port-encoding "iso-8859-1"))
> You might need to run with --auto-compile=fresh to invalidate the
> caches.
Hey Andy, 
I tried to dig through the logic of this the other day, and I'm not
sure that your suggestion can work.  If "load" ends up calling
"primitive-load", then any file without a "coding:" line is UTF-8.
%default-port-encoding doesn't enter in to it.
But there is a lot between "load" and "primitive-load" that I didn't
try to trace through.  I'm not sure under what conditions "load" calls
"primitive load".

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