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Re: Neat hacks for a birthday

From: Ian Price
Subject: Re: Neat hacks for a birthday
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2012 01:38:13 +0000
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address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:

> So, here’s a suggestion: let’s write neat hacks that integrate Guile
> with some other piece of software, preferably GNU packages.  Examples
> include extending GCC or GDB extension in Guile, work on Mike’s
> Zile-on-Guile, enhanced Guile support in GNU Make, and Hurd file systems
> written in Guile.
As I said on #guile, I'd like to see someone (i.e not me :) hack scheme
evaluation into bash.

> If you’re up to the challenge, you’re welcome to announce your intent
> here.  On Feb. 16th, we’ll collect the list of neat hacks and let the
> world know!
As I also said on #guile, I picked gdbm for the gnu package I'm going to
integrate. I've already hacked somewhat useful bindings, but still more
to do. if anyone is interested

> PS: I personally intend to come up with a simple GCC plug-in interface
>     for Guile.  Let’s see how it goes…
I look forward to that.

Come on guilers, that's two of us stepped up to the plate so far. What
are you, chicken? ;-)

Ian Price

"Programming is like pinball. The reward for doing it well is
the opportunity to do it again" - from "The Wizardy Compiled"

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