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Re: escaping characters

From: Noah Lavine
Subject: Re: escaping characters
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 14:41:00 -0400

This is related to what ttn said, but I am a bit confused by the request. Normally when you read *in* something like LaTeX source, you convert \\ to \, and similar things. Then when you write *out* LaTeX source, you might convert \ to \\. This is useful if, for instance, you want Guile to automatically generate some LaTeX and then write it in a form that TeX will read. Kejia seems to be asking for the opposite.

I certainly agree that it would be useful to have a general function for this (and the reverse).


On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 2:14 PM, Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> wrote:

() Kejia柯嘉 <address@hidden>
() Thu, 1 Nov 2012 10:24:52 -0400

   for an example, when a program reads in a latex source, is there an
   escape function that can rewrite all `\' to `\\', `"' to `\"', and so

This kind of escaping for backslash and double-quote (and other chars,
depending on Guile flavor) is built-in for ‘(object->string STRING)’,
but anything else (the "and so on" bit) you have to define for yourself,
or find something already defined.

For example, Guile-BAUX provides module ‘(guile-baux write-string)’
which exports proc ‘write-string’ that handles twelve additional

Another example is Guile-PG module ‘(database postgres-qcons)’, which
has all manner of procs to DTRT for various "and so on" cases:

I think it would be nice for these procs (and perhaps your LaTeX
oriented one, once defined) to be rebased onto a general one, hosted
apart from any particular Guile version (perhaps Guile-Lib -- is that
project still viable?).

Or maybe i'm missing something already out there by now.  I remember
fruitlessly searching a number of years back, but things may have
changed since then.  Here's some related discussion:

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