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SGF Utils 0.4 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: SGF Utils 0.4 available
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 21:32:35 +0100

release notes:

  Moving right along... bubbling up in priority is getting Guile-SDL
  happy w/ Guile 2.x.  On the other hand, what self-respecting SGF
  viewer would go for long w/o a tree view... decisions, decisions.

README excerpt:

  SGF Utils is a set of programs for manipulating Smart Game
  Format files, principally for the game of Go.  This release
  includes one tool: the viewing program sgfv.  The code is
  "early to middling alpha"; see HACKING for why.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.4 | 2012-11-09

    - terminology fix: motion is by node, not move

        The ‘sgfv --help’ output now says "node" instead of "move".
        Often an SGF file will have a move in every non-root node, but
        that's not required by the format specification.

    - new commands to skim forward and backward

        To skim is to continue in the specified direction, stopping
        only at "interesting" nodes: root, end, hot spot, variation,
        and/or fork (a fork is the node that precedes a variation).

        Keybindings are ‘C-n’ (forward) and ‘C-p’ (backward).

        For example:


        B is the fork for variations C and E, and E is the fork for
        variations F and G.  From D, repeated ‘C-p’ will land on C, B
        and A, not stopping on the X nodes.  From A, typing the sequence
        ‘C-n 2 C-n 2 C-n C-n’ will first stop at B (a fork); then E, the
        variation selected by the first ‘2’; then G, the variation
        selected by the second ‘2’; then H, not stopping at any X nodes.

        Note that E is both fork and variation, and is thus indicated
        when stopping there.  Generally, sgfv displays a message listing
        all applicable "interesting" phenomena, comma-separated.

    - ‘f’ shows final info, not just territories

        Typing ‘f’ now runs ‘display-info!’, which indicates seki
        positions in addition to the territories and dead stones, and
        displays territory and capture counts, and the "score" as well.

        Before starting, sgfv says "please wait" and after finishing,
        the time you had to wait, in sec, msec, or usec (the latter if
        you have a really fast computer!).

    - ‘RE’ formatted in a human-friendly way

        The "score" for ‘f’ and the result (if any) in the ‘/’ output is
        now displayed decoded instead of raw, e.g., "Black wins by 42.5"
        instead of "B+42.5".

    - new SGF file: degenerate

        This is inspired by the 1D king in Flatland, and Douglas Adams.

    - tested with (Unofficial) Guile

        Yes, Guile 1.4.x still lives.

tarball, prettified source, etc, in dir:

atom feed:

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