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SGF Utils 0.6 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: SGF Utils 0.6 available
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:07:54 +0100

release notes:

  Horizontal expansion; let's see if the center holds.  :-/


README excerpt:

  SGF Utils is a set of programs for manipulating Smart Game
  Format files, principally for the game of Go.  This release
  includes one tool: the viewing program sgfv.  The code is
  "early to middling alpha"; see HACKING for why.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.6 | 2012-11-20

    - new programs

        The new programs described here are mostly to validate the build
        process, which takes pains to produce self-contained executables
        (that is, with component modules tsorted and inlined, removing
        the runtime need to find them on the filesystem and load them).

        Although balky at first sight, perhaps this practice can help
        (future) tools do whole-program analysis...  fingers crossed.
        I must admit feeling irrational delight at the reduced number of
        open(2) and read(2) calls, when running under strace(1)...

        Anyway, both program behavior and construction method will
        likely change a lot before 1.0 release.  Time will tell.

      - sgfc

        NB: PROVISIONARY AND TRIVIAL.  This program reads the
        collections from each of the specified SGF files, displaying
        "FILENAME: OK" to stderr.

        The option ‘--sexp’ (short form ‘-x’), makes sgfc pretty-print
        the combined collections (of all files) to stdout after checking
        everything.  The output has grammar:

        COLLECTION := (GAMETREE ...)

        GAMETREE := ((NODE ...) (SUB-GAMETREE...))

        NODE := ((PROPERTY . VALUE) ...)

        PROPERTY is one of the properties list in src/ff-data.scm, the
        most important for SGF Utils being ‘FF’ and ‘GM’.

        The form of VALUE, if any, depends on its property.  It may be a
        number, symbol, string, vector, boolean, or some compound type.
        Unfortunately, the presence of booleans renders this format
        unfriendly to Emacs Lisp.  :-/

      - sgfm

        NB: PROVISIONARY AND TRIVIAL.  This program reads a collection
        in sexp format (from ‘sgfc -x’, for instance) and writes it to
        stdout in SGF format.

    - DT in src/sgf/ no longer invalid

        Was "YYYY-MM-DD (today)", now "YYYY-MM-DD".

        There are other invalid bits remaining, however.  (At some point
        we hope sgfc will be able to find and perhaps correct them.)

    - sgfv ‘C-h’ more performant

        This used to create some child processes to extract the list of
        keybindings from the "sgfv --help" output.  Blech.

    - another test: t20

        This tests sgfc very lightly, ignoring ‘INTERACTIVE=1’ entirely.
        BTW, the other test was renamed to t99.

    - tested with Guile 2.0.6

        The configure script now checks for Guile 2.x-specific module
        ‘(ice-9 curried-definitions)’ and arranges for the "compiler"
        (har har) to DTRT.

    - bootstrap tools upgraded
      - guile-baux-tool (Guile-BAUX) 20121120.1242.e233fad
      - automake (GNU automake) 1.12.5

tarball, etc, in dir:

atom feed:

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