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[Potluck] a lightweight web framework

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: [Potluck] a lightweight web framework
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 13:03:15 +0800

Sorry for the late guys!
I planed to give you a lightweight web-framework, and you may use it to
build your own site with Guile easily. Besides, with Guile's inner
web-server, you could have 10K concurrency performance.

But life is no so perfect, I was sick for few days, so I'm late for the
potluck. When I tried to polish it more beautiful, I found a bug in web
module (anyway it's a nice discover for a hacker). 
Seems that I have to release it as a half-baked one :-(
But good news is that I'll continue to polish it.

I put here:

Let me introduce it:
* very lightweight: the core artanis.scm almost 300 lines, easy to hack
and learn for newbies.
* a relative complete web-server implementation, include error page
throw and all the HTTP method(you have to specify your own handler)
* 10K concurrent performance for the server, takes advantage of the
Guile inner server. IIRC, andy once said it's 9K+ for static pages.
It's enough for you own site/blog.
* sinatra like style route, that's why it names "artanis" ;-)
* Database support(now use guile-dbi), mysql/sqlite/postgresql. But it's
easy to port to other database binding. (but I like dbi)
* session support (thanks for andy's advice)
* HTML template of SXML (very easy to use for Lisper)

I have no time to write a tutorial for it before I release, but there'll
be one soon. And you may read test.scm/blog.scm to get to know how it
(for blog.scm, you may need blogdb.mysql script to build your database

You may write a blog in ten minutes if you're familiar with web develop
and SQL.

PS: and I have to mention that bug, I believe it's a bug.

When the server-handler get the request, I found the uri in request have
no 'host', it's #f. It causes trouble for me to implement url redirect
mechanism, which used to implement admin authentication. 
I do think uri should keep 'host' value because it's useful for later.
And it's OK for 'read-request-line', it'll parse and store 'host'

I think there's some link in the inner server module, which dropped
'host' value or created a new uri and throw the old-correct one. 
Any comments?

Sorry again for the half-baked work, it looks no cool. But I've ever
planed a perfect one... :-(

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