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Guile-SDL 0.4.2 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile-SDL 0.4.2 available
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 16:23:37 +0100

release notes:

  With this release, we point the finger for the segfault-w/-MMX
  problem fully at the compiler, by providing a configure-time
  workaround.  Conservation of lameness in action, folks.

  The .tar.lz hints at the next step: submission for evaluation
  as a GNU project.  Fingers crossed...


README excerpt:

  This directory contains Guile-SDL, a set of modules that provide
  bindings for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) to enable Guile
  programmers to do all the nice things you can do with SDL.

  Most of the SDL functions have been wrapped with the exception of a
  few functions that were too C-centric.  The SDL Threads and the Audio
  functions haven't been included because of the problems with Guile
  code being run from more than one thread.  However audio programming
  can be done with the module ‘(sdl mixer)’ that requires the SDL_mixer

  Also included is SDL_gfx 2.0.22 (by Andreas Schiffler) and bindings
  for it.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.4.2 | 2013-03-18

    - distribution now also .tar.lz

        If you have GNU tar, you can use "tar xf" and it will DTRT.
        If not, you can use "lzip -dc TARBALL | tar xf -" to unpack.

    - new support for configure var ‘IMFI_CFLAGS’

        If your cpu supports MMX extensions but your compiler mishandles
        the assembly in the imagefilter functions (causing a segfault),
        you can use configure command-line var ‘IMFI_CFLAGS’ to try to
        work around the problem.  For example, invoking like so:

        $ ./configure         \
            CFLAGS='-g -O3'   \

        arranges to pass ‘-g -O3 -O1’ to the compiler, which should set
        the optimization level to one (later option overrides).  Like
        ‘CFLAGS’, this var is marked "special" and remembered for
        subsequent config.status invocations.

        FWIW, this works for GCC 4.4 on a 32-bit x86 Debian system; no
        more need for "make check NOMMX=1" here!

    - tested w/ Unofficial Guile, Guile 1.8.7, Guile 2.0.7

        Under Guile 2, "make check DEBUG=1" skips the leak test because
        Guile 2 does not track deallocations.

    - bootstrap tools upgraded
      - GNU Automake 1.13.1
      - Guile-BAUX 20121120.1242.e233fad
      - SNUGGLE 0.2
      - makeinfo (GNU Texinfo) 5.1

tarball and its detached signature in dir:


Thien-Thi Nguyen
GPG key: 4C807502

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