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Re: Fun with guile, Erastones + goldbach conjecture

From: Panicz Maciej Godek
Subject: Re: Fun with guile, Erastones + goldbach conjecture
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 21:35:04 +0200

I see that the style of your code is fairly unorthodox.
I'd suggest you to read the following chapters of SICP,
if you haven't already:
Section 3.5 (Streams), which introduces the notion
of streams, or lazy lists (that can be infinite), with the
most amazing example of Erastostenes' sieve 
implementation, as well as sections 4.1 and 4.3 of
Chapter 4 (Metalinguistic abstraction). The first one
presents the notion of "meta-circular evaluator", which
is then used to implement "non-deterministic evaluator",
which allows to express certain problems extremely
elegantly. Simultaneously, the book shows many 
examples of the finest programming style in Scheme.
I think you might find it quite entertaining and useful.

Best regards,

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