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#<guile-dbi> undefined symbol

From: Dmitry Bogatov
Subject: #<guile-dbi> undefined symbol
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 13:29:56 +0400
User-agent: mu4e; emacs 24.3.1

Hello! The following, slightly modified example from  from guile-dbi
manual returns error:
        #<guile-dbi close sqlite3 my-example-db (1 . 
/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: __sqlite3_query_g_db_handle)>
        #<guile-dbi close sqlite3 my-example-db (1 . 
/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: __sqlite3_query_g_db_handle)>

and do not create database file.
    guile (GNU Guile) 2.0.9
    guile-dbi 2.1.5

Also, probably a bit offtopic, but what was reason to reimplement it all
in Guile and not write bindings to C libdbi?

#!/usr/bin/guile -s
;(use-modules (im irc))
(use-modules (dbi dbi))

(define +channel-init-query+
"CREATE TABLE channel (
    chanid int unsigned auto_increment,
    topic text);")

(define (initialize-database-tables db-obj)
  (or (and (dbi-query db-obj +channel-init-query+))
      (error "Failed to initialize database table")))

(define db-obj (dbi-open "sqlite3" "my-example-db"))
(dbi-query db-obj "create table hellotable(id int, name varchar(15))")
(display db-obj) (newline)
(dbi-close db-obj)
(display db-obj) (newline)
Best regards, Dmitry Bogatov <address@hidden>,
Free Software supporter and netiquette guardian.
        git clone git:// 
--depth 1
        GPG: 54B7F00D
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