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Re: An http session that ends with a TCP Reset sent by the server

From: Darren Hoo
Subject: Re: An http session that ends with a TCP Reset sent by the server
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 11:17:32 +0800
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Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Mark,


> While it is true that the RFCs allow a TCP connection to be "aborted" by
> a RST segment, this is an error condition.  It's not a proper way to end
> an HTTP connection under normal circumstances.
> I believe the server you are trying to talk to is violating the HTTP
> protocol.  Among other things, I believe that a RST segment may cause
> the receiving side to discard any input buffers that have not yet been
> read by the client.

Yes it is violateing the protocol. Sorry to have not mentioned that the
response recieved is from the firewall not the real server.

> I see nothing in RFC 2616 that allows this behavior.  In fact, section
> 10.4 explicitly mentions the danger that resetting the connection may
> cause data loss.
>> My question is how I can I handle this, ie, read the response body
>> and ignore  the RST
>> in Guile without changing anything in libguile?
> I'm sorry, but I don't see an easy way to work around this problem
> (which doesn't necessarily mean it can't be done).
> Out of curiosity, do you know what software is running on this server?
> Have you checked to see whether the server resets the connection when
> talking to a different HTTP client?

Yes, both curl and brower receive RST but do not report anything
conceivable to the user.

I think there's no elegant way to deal with this condition with Guile,
maybe I should try other alternative to work around this.

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