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Re: Guile-Emacs update

From: Taylan Ulrich B.
Subject: Re: Guile-Emacs update
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 09:52:36 +0200
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Great news! :)

Noah Lavine <address@hidden> writes:

> I looked at the emacswiki page you linked. It links to a page called
> GuileEmacsTodo, but that doesn't seem to be your current to-do list
> (it was edited too long ago).

The GSoC project has a better to-do list if I'm not mistaken.

By the way I've had it in mind for some time that we might want to
hijack the GuileEmacs page on EmacsWiki for the current
(i.e. Templeton's) project, updating and merging it with GuileEmacsTodo,
and moving the old contents of the GuileEmacs page to
"GuileEmacsHistory".  I'm saying this because it feels like the current
project has achieved a very mature state, much farther than any old
attempts (correct me), and might just be merged with upstream in the
next few years or so.  Tell me if I'm being silly.

> Could you say what differences a user would notice between Guile Emacs
> and regular Emacs (if any)? Are there any things that don't work, or
> any performance regressions?

Before this new series of changes, the two user-visible changes listed
at the bottom were up to date (unless the July-upstream rebase made a
difference), and the now-mentioned changes don't immediately sound
relevant to them, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're still up to
date.  I'll definitely test the latest version later today and update
the list as necessary though.  (Feel free to do so before me, of


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