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Guile wiki

From: hellekin
Subject: Guile wiki
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 14:59:50 -0300
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a simple suggestion on IRC turned into a quick compilation of useful
resources related to learning Guile, and thanks to the welcoming
community, quickly developed into the following idea...

Implementation time: about one hour for the bulk of it. (counter
already started ;o) Serious time and resources could be thrown at it
with sufficient interest and some funding, but to get started, nothing
is required.

Given the current effort of the GNU project to introduce a GNU
Development Network, and the central role Guile is given in the GNU
project as the interfacing language of choice,

1. Make a wiki page at

That page would contain a short introduction to Guile, for people to
get into it according to their available time (inspired by

  - no time:
  - minutes: (maybe a specific
entry* for Guile could go to ?)
  - hour:
  - days: ? Maybe would
be interesting to update/adapt?
  - weeks/months: fork
(ulysses says it would take him a year to write it)
  - years:

More resources:

"The community lives on IRC and email." (link, link)

* inspiration:

2. Move to the wiki

Ideas are cheap: that's typically something very suited for a wiki, so
that anyone can edit the page without having to bother a webmaster
into the process. Cut the middleman.

Tasks for the webmaster: link to the wiki :)

3. Make a

That way people can advertise the language, and give other people
awareness of the community. That could as well make it easier to find
"Guilers near you" and other co-learning groups.

3.1 Make a "Guile badge" to link to the Group:Guile

That should reflect the liveliness and humor of the community.


nalaginrut? :)


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