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Re: Guile wiki

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Guile wiki
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 14:23:49 +0800

On Fri, 2013-07-26 at 14:59 -0300, hellekin wrote:
> Hi,
> a simple suggestion on IRC turned into a quick compilation of useful
> resources related to learning Guile, and thanks to the welcoming
> community, quickly developed into the following idea...
> Implementation time: about one hour for the bulk of it. (counter
> already started ;o) Serious time and resources could be thrown at it
> with sufficient interest and some funding, but to get started, nothing
> is required.
> Given the current effort of the GNU project to introduce a GNU
> Development Network, and the central role Guile is given in the GNU
> project as the interfacing language of choice,
> 1. Make a wiki page at
> That page would contain a short introduction to Guile, for people to
> get into it according to their available time (inspired by
>   - no time:
>   - minutes: (maybe a specific
> entry* for Guile could go to ?)
>   - hour:
>   - days: ? Maybe
> would
> be interesting to update/adapt?
>   - weeks/months: fork
> (ulysses says it would take him a year to write it)
>   - years:
> More resources:
> "The community lives on IRC and email." (link, link)
> * inspiration:

Thanks for collecting them! ;-)

> 2. Move to the wiki
> Ideas are cheap: that's typically something very suited for a wiki, so
> that anyone can edit the page without having to bother a webmaster
> into the process. Cut the middleman.
> Tasks for the webmaster: link to the wiki :)

Yup, actually Guile wiki was discussed few months ago. 
But it's delayed since I don't have idea about how to organize the text.
I wish there could be more guys get interested in Guile, say, after one
finished his/her SICP course, there'd be a practical way to do some real
work with the Scheme experiences, rather than just exercises or toy. 
I think Guile provides such a way, since it's not designed for fun or
academic, and it's getting important role in the future architecture of
GNU operating system. 

In spite of "learn xx in yy minutes", I found it's popular on "XX for YY
language programers", like this:
We may borrow something from Ruby (their community is so good):

However, we still provide topics like:
* "pro Guile" 
* "dig deep into Guile internal" 
* "design pattern in Guile" 
* "think in Guile" 
which maybe more profound. ;-P

Anyway, all above topics are worthy doing, but my concern is that we
still lack of more rich and big/huge code-base in real world to explain
the things in a convincing way.  
Fortunately, we have something on the way.

I'll pick "learn Guile in hard way", it's a good start for
"quick-learn-then-do" users.

But wiki is a huge work in long term way, we need more volunteer for
sharing. No matter articles or cool codes snippets. 

> 3. Make a
> That way people can advertise the language, and give other people
> awareness of the community. That could as well make it easier to find
> "Guilers near you" and other co-learning groups.


> 3.1 Make a "Guile badge" to link to the Group:Guile
> That should reflect the liveliness and humor of the community.
Yes, I like it~


> Here.
> nalaginrut? :)
> ==
> hk

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