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Doctest for guile

From: Dmitry Bogatov
Subject: Doctest for guile
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 19:03:53 +0400

I am glad to offer implementation of doctest in Guile --- way to declare
and check tests in function docstring. In most simple way, if in
docstring you write following:

    +++ (foo 1 2 3)
    --- 6

doctests will check if it is really so. I belive it encourage writing
more modular, generic and pure function. Also, such tests helps to
understand function behavior on corner cases.

This is just proof-of-concept, that offer following:

+ test of multiple values
+ testing of not-exported functions.

You can just download attached archive(I belive it small enough to not
bother with ftp) and do following:
$ tar xf doctest.tar.gz
$ cd doctest
$ guile doctest.scm '(foo)'
## Two successful tests, one failure
## If no modules specified, doctest tests itself
$ guile doctest.scm

But much more is todo:

+ contollable verbosity
+ exit status on failed tests
+ shortcut for predicates
+ it crashes on input like this:

    +++ (foo 1 2 3
    --- 6
+ there is no way to say that test should throw
+ Your ideas?

I it will be found useful enough, I will gladly work on patch to integrate
doctest in Guile guild script.

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Best regards, Dmitry Bogatov <address@hidden>,
Free Software supporter and netiquette guardian.
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