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Re: GNU Guix hackathon on Sep. 28-29

From: Nikita Karetnikov
Subject: Re: GNU Guix hackathon on Sep. 28-29
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 22:45:23 +0400

> I will be physically present at the hackathon in Cambridge.

Most Guix developers are not in the US, but it would be great if you
could find interested people in Cambridge.

> I have experience with Guile, but I haven't done much work with package
> management systems before.

That’s not a problem at all.  Guix has a wonderful EDSL, so even people
without programming experience should be able to package things.  I
highly recommend to check these slides [1].

> Would I still be useful?

Yes!  Everyone can help: designers, translators, documentation writers,
etc.  So bring a friend!

> Is there anything that you would recommend I do to prepare for this
> weekend besides install Guix and poke around?

Try to write a package recipe for a simple program.  You might want to
start with the one that’s already present in ‘gnu/packages’, so you
could check yourself.  Then you could package something that you use
daily.  This talk [2] (slides [3]) provides a good overview and answers
some popular questions.  (For instance, it talks about supported build

Since you know Guile, you could also help with command line tools.  (Ask
on the guix-devel list if you’re interested.)


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