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Re: Guile-2D 0.1 released

From: Joshua \"Youlysses\" S. Grant
Subject: Re: Guile-2D 0.1 released
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 19:55:57 -0500

Congrats! I'm more-or-less "hard at work" packaging related components,
needed to get it going via Guix! I just finished packaging FTGL, I'm
working on SDL right now and will hopefully get guile-sdl going
thereafter, and I'm just waiting for Guile-Figl -- but have no idea if
0.1 will be released before the hackathon is over. Either way, it's not
all-too far off. 

In-general though, very cool and fun looking tech and in the coming
months, I'm really excited to play around with it. 

Best regards, 
Joshua "Youlysses" S. Grant

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