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Guile-SSH 0.4.0 released

From: Artyom Poptsov
Subject: Guile-SSH 0.4.0 released
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 00:08:43 +0400
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Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce Guile-SSH 0.4.0.  The new version is notable
because of basic implementation of SSH server API and support of GNU
Guile 2.0:

Please find instructions for building and installation of the library

Also there are examples of Scheme programs that are using Guile-SSH API
-- you can find them in the `examples/' directory in the distribution.

The library is tested on the following GNU/Linux distributions: Gentoo
(Base System release 2.2), Debian 7.2 (wheezy), Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Here is the list of changes since version 0.3.1 (excerpt from the NEWS

** Port the library to GNU Guile version 2.0
   Now the library works with GNU Guile version 2.0 as well as 1.8.

** Remove "ssh:" prefix from procedures names.
   If it is needed, an user's prefix can be added by setting a renamer
   for a module on loading.  See the documentation for the GNU Guile
   module system.

** Implement basic SSH server API.

** Fix a memory corruption in `channel-read'
   The problem was seen on reading of an output from "lsb_release -a"

** Fix a memory corruption during GC'ing of SSH keys.

** Fix a bug in `session-set!'
   Fix the bug that leads to an error if the user tried to set a
   correct boolean option.

** New `channel-write' procedure.

** New `channel-request-pty' procedure.

** New `channel-request-shell' procedure.

** New `channel-set-pty-size!' procedure.

** Fix the name of `write-known-host!'
   The procedure was called `authenticate-server' by mistake.  Rename
   it to `write-known-host!'.

** Change error handling in some procedures.
   Now `write-known-host!', `channel-open-session',
   `channel-request-exec', `channel-request-env', `close-channel!',
   throw an exception on error.  The return value of these procedures
   now is undefined.

** `authenticate-server' now throws guile-ssh-error exception on error.
   Don't return the 'error symbol, throw an exception instead.

** `server-set!' now throws guile-ssh-error exception on error.
   The return value now is undefined.

** Rename `make-session' to `%make-session'.
   See `make-session' below.

** New `make-session' procedure.
   This is a convenient wrapper for `%make-session' which allows to
   set session options by passing them as keywords.

** Rename `connect' to `connect!'.
** Fix a typo in an option symbol
   'strcthostkeycheck -> 'stricthostkeycheck

** Fix an infinite loop in `public-key->string'.
   The problem was observed on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.04 LTS.

** Add examples to the repository.
   See the "examples/" directory.

** Improve printing of SSH keys, channels and messages.
   Examples: #<public rsa key>, #<open ssh channel>


- Artyom

Artyom Poptsov
WEB: JID: address@hidden
Nizhny Novgorod Linux Users Group (NNLUG):

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