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[ANN] Guile XCB 1.3/Guile-WM 1.0

From: mark . d . witmer
Subject: [ANN] Guile XCB 1.3/Guile-WM 1.0
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2014 16:18:10 -0500

Hello everybody,

I'd like to announce new versions of Guile XCB and Guile-WM.

Guile XCB 1.3 has just two changes, but they are important. First of
all, the installation directories are now configurable with the
configure options --with-guile-site-dir and
--with-guile-site-ccache-dir. Thanks are due to Song Wenwu for that
patch. The other change is a bugfix in the event loop code; previously,
calling the `stop!' procedure a listener returned didn't actually stop
the listener. Now it does!

Guile-WM 1.0 is a major release (hence the 1.0). Here are some new

- A tiling window manager inspired by Stumpwm
- Configurable installation directory
- Text rendering changed from unacceptably slow to moderately slow
- Hooks that work with partial continuations
- Arguments to commands can be supplied interactively
- Interactive help commands
- Improved support for ICCCM-related stuff
- Everything's documented in an info manual now
- Lots and lots of bug fixes

Thanks to Dave Thompson for a patch fixing a bug in the tinywm module.

I believe Guile-WM is now a genuinely useful window manager, and it's
easy to customize and add new features. It does have a learning curve
because it comes unconfigured out of the box, but you can get started by
looking at the manual and the sample configuration file,
wm-init-sample.scm, located in the top directory of the source

There are websites for these packages with more information at the urls

Mark Witmer

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