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Kisê 0.9.4 released

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Kisê 0.9.4 released
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 14:08:27 -0300

Hello all,

I pleased to announce the release of Kisê version 0.9.4

Happy hacking,

( get it here )

( website )

( about )

Kisê is a small and easy to use time keeping application.

It can be used in a single user mode or by small organizations. Starting with
version 0.9.4, it can import other user's database, an essential feature for 

The fields it handles are: a date, who, for whom, what, a duration, whether or 
to be charged and a description.

It includes, on the main application screen, a powerful dynamic filters criteria
mechanism, which lets you visualize, work on and print a subset of your time 

A printing templates system allows you to (pre)define, reuse and hence quickly
generate the pdf files and/or printed reports of your needs.

A version which will let users export an active filter based subset of their 
keeping entries is under work.

( changes )

Kisê version 0.9.4 is out! This release is the first that implements the long
promised import/unimport functionality. In its current implementation, it 
allows to
add, remove and re-import other user's kisê database. A version which will let 
export an active filter based subset of their time keeping entries is under 
The database schema has been modified, you will be offered to automatically 
yours: if you are already using Kisê, make a backup of your database(s) [you 
can be too careful]. Imported databases are automatically associated with a 
which allows the user to visually distinguish imported time keeping entries 
from one
another and from his own entries.

Other than that, known bugs have been fixed [see org/ if your are
interested]. Finally, (a) printing: right marging set to 25mm, better logo
positioning/resizing algorithm, when a logo is specified [which currently still
must be done manually in the config file [~/.config/kise.conf]]; (b) 
very little has been done, but for the record, the preface, the introduction 
and the
appendix [license] sections are now complete; (c) the menubar icons size have 
reduced to their minimum size, so that they all are visible even in kisê's 
main window size; (d) last but not least: so far, kisê's web pages used a non 
font [designation], not good! looking for free fonts, for quite a long time
[], finally selected jura: quite a few 
to kise.css and kisê's web pages, all done, we're totally clean now!

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