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[ANN] Guile-SSH 0.6.0 released

From: Artyom Poptsov
Subject: [ANN] Guile-SSH 0.6.0 released
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 21:24:07 +0400
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I'm pleased to announce Guile-SSH 0.6.0.  This release includes some
important fixes which nevertheless are breaking backward compatibility.
Here are some of the changes:

 - Auth API was simplified by removing username from parameter list of

 - `server-accept' now throws an exception instead of returning `#f'.

 - Issue with latency on the first read from a Guile-SSH channel was

 - Guile modules will be automatically compiled and installed to
   site-ccache directory, if GNU Guile 2.0.x is used.

 - Examples were updated.

 - Automated tests were improved (yes, now you can try to run them in

Please *note* that Guile-SSH repository was moved:

So the sources of this release can be found here:

In addition, I prepared Guile-SSH package with `make distcheck' and
placed it on my FTP server:

Guile-SSH 0.6.0 was tested on the following GNU/Linux distributions:
 - Gentoo (Base System release 2.2) -- GNU Guile 2.0.9-r1, libssh 0.5.5
 - Debian 7.3 (wheezy) -- GNU Guile 2.0.5-deb+1-3, libssh 0.5.4
 - Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS -- GNU Guile 1.8.7, libssh 0.5.5

Notable changes since version 0.5.0 are (excerpt from the NEWS file):

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
* Changes in version 0.6.0 (2014-03-23)
** Remove username from parameter list of auth procedures
   `userauth-password!' and `userauth-pubkey!' don't take a username
   as a parameter anymore.  Rationale: According to libssh 0.6 docs,
   most server implementations do not permit changing the username
   during authentication.  Moreover, the parameter was deprecated in
   libssh 0.5.3.

   Elimination of the username makes Guile-SSH Auth API clearer and
   simpler.  Username can be set either on creation of a session or by
   calling of `session-set!' procedure.
** `server-accept' now throws `guile-ssh-error' on error
** Improve reads from channels
   Return EOF immediately if the channel is closed instead of polling
   it for data (which causes notable latency on the first read).
   Thanks Ludovic Court├Ęs for the patch.
** Compile Guile modules
   Compile Guile modules and install compiled files if GNU Guile 2.0.x
   is available.
** Update Texinfo documentation
*** Update Auth API description
*** Update Server API description
*** Update Acknowledgments
** Update examples
*** Use actual path to Guile interpreter in the shebang
    Executables will be produced during building of the Guile-SSH.
*** Handle `guile-ssh-error' on `server-accept'
*** Catch `guile-ssh-error' on reading from a port
*** ssshd
**** Add `--port', `--ssh-debug' and `--pid-file' option
**** Store the PID in a file
     instead of printing it to stdout.
**** Handle password authentication correctly
*** sssh
**** Add `--ssh-debug' option
** Improve automated tests
*** Prevent sssh-ssshd from asking of a SSH agent for keys
*** Make parallel tests work
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---


- Artyom

Artyom Poptsov <address@hidden>
Home page:  JID: address@hidden
Nizhny Novgorod Linux Users Group (NNLUG) member:
CADR hackerspace founder:

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