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Re: Guile status. Some questions to adopt usage as embedded game.

From: Germán Diago
Subject: Re: Guile status. Some questions to adopt usage as embedded game.
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 23:26:25 +0700

Hello everyone,

I would be deeply grateful if someone could give me some hints about my questions.


2014-03-21 18:27 GMT+07:00 Germán Diago <address@hidden>:
Hello everyone,

Congratulations for the GUILE project. I am finding it really interesting.
My name is Germán, but I am Spanish and live in Vietnam :-) 

I am a (mainly) c++ advanced user with a strong background in linux, 
writing a game that will run on iOS and Android as the main platforms.

My use case is for embedding a language that mainly, designers, could use
for scripting. I find scheme really nice but I am not sure how successful or understandable could be among non-CS users due to its non-mainstream syntax.
So I find as a killer feature the support for Ecmascript and the upcoming Lua support.

Here my questions:

1.- How mature is Ecmascript support? I don't care much about feature completeness, but more about robustness (reasonably bug-free) and ready to be used by designers.
2.- Is there any real project using Ecmascript guile at the moment?
3.- What is the lua status? Any tentative dates for when it would be supported and how good it would be? This is important since in the gaming area Lua is the standard scripting language.
4.-  When writing a FFI from C++ functions, I know how guile code will look, but I couldn't find any Ecmascript mapping documentation. Any pointers where I could find something?
5.- (Not too important as of now) There is support for a windows native guile? If there is not, can be compiled at least with MinGW (not cygwin)?
6.- Is there any incompatibility in using guile in a closed-source project, regarding to the license?

This said, if I adopted guile, I am planning to do it for more than one project. 
My first plans would include to write a nicer C++ FFI on top of the standard one, similar to boost.python or the like, since this is my main use case. 
This library would be released as open-source. I wish I could use guile right away, but will need to wait for an informed reply.

Best Regards,
Germán Diago

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