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GOOPS Terminal Class

From: Michael Tiedtke
Subject: GOOPS Terminal Class
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 16:21:31 +0200
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I have started to recreate something simple, old and reliable from scratch:
it's about creating VI (thats vi and not a roman 6) as a Guile/GOOPS implementation with full Scheme support and it's going to replace Emacs for me in the long run.

I start out with Unicode C0 ( formerly known as ASCII. I had a look at JTextComponent, GtkTextView, NSTextField and the Athena Widget Set Ascii/Text routines as well as XTerm. I decided to start with the terminal view/shell and to keep in mind the requisites of a graphical user interface for later extension.

For this I have written a preliminary GOOPS class terminal (<terminal>) which is attached for those interested having a look at. I'm not really used to the method by generic approach and I do not have much experience with feature rich implementations in GOOPS. I don't know how it will scale or how compatible it will be with the rest of Guile. But please don't tell me to use nCurses because it's written in C and today's virtual terminals are already well behaved, I guess.

I'm not seeking help here but advice and wish list entries. Comments and ideas are welcome as well.

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