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Re: vi on guile

From: Michael Tiedtke
Subject: Re: vi on guile
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 19:37:39 +0200
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On 18/06/2015 17:59, Dimitri Unrau wrote:
Hi Michael,

scheme based vi sounds like a good idea.
For me it seems that working on guile-emacs is a more pragmatic
approach. You'll get an editor programmable in scheme, faster execution
of elisp, concurrency and so on. It's easy to implement everything you
want on top of it, e.g. a vi implementation programmable in scheme and
you benefit from all the work already done for emacs.

Of course there might be other reasonable reasons, that I'm not aware
of, why you prefer to work on guile based vi from scratch, but maybe
the information about guile-emacs is useful for you, so I just
mention it.

The reason: yesterday I opened the docs of secure-delete with Emacs and it converted pure ASCII text into an immutable image which it showed me happily in one of its buffers. Than Emacs lacks "hjkl" or base line editing where I can keep my fingers in the rest position. Let's better call it Rest Position Editing. Then I want an extensible editor with access to a real REPL, I want Emacs' M-x style command execution but I don't a fill paragraph procedure which produces ripped of edges that look like landscapes of national parks. I don't need left to right and diagonal scripts mixed with Klingon - I don't need an interned e-mail client (yet). I especially don't need an editor which downloads packages from the internet and I don't want to see any networking in an editor at all. But I want full access to all of Guile/GOOPS with networking from within the editor and I especially want Guile/GOOPS and I'm happily going to create a useful widget set if needed - with parallel objects and what not. I will need org-mode but it will be able to =with-output-to-file= create an info reader executable. I don't virtual machines but access to inotify and I will need the /asm/ or /assembler/ primitive because System Scheme ... have you seen my sinui0 cat program? ;-)

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