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Guile/Cairo, files formats/surfaces

From: Tomas By
Subject: Guile/Cairo, files formats/surfaces
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2015 10:17:05 +0200
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Hi all,

(Am following instructions on

I'm trying to create EPS files using guile-cairo, but have some problems. Am using version 1.14.2, the latest in Ubuntu.

scheme@(guile-user)> (cairo-version-string)
$1 = "1.14.2"

According to the web documentation at
there should be a procedure `cairo-ps-surface-set-eps' to make the Postscript surface produce EPS, but this procedure is not defined:

scheme@(guile-user)> cairo-ps-surface-set-eps
;;; <unknown-location>: warning: possibly unbound variable `cairo-ps-surface-set-eps'

(It is not listed in /usr/share/guile/site/cairo/cairo-procedures.txt either, whatever that may mean.)

Also, the `recording' surface does not seem to be included in guile-cairo. Is there some reason for this? (other than lack of time/round tuits)

Finally, I am using SVG surfaces to make images which I then draw on PS surfaces and include in a Latex document. What surprises me is that the final pictures seem to be pixellated, not vector drawings. I am only using some simple Cairo commands (move to, line to, arc) to create the images. It seems to me that since SVG & PS/EPS are all vector formats there should not be any pixellation at all?

Grateful for any help in explaining this.


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