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Where are the guile libraries?

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Where are the guile libraries?
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 12:31:45 -0700
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I'm a newbie so please be gentle.

Suppose I want to write a substantial program in guile.  Where can I
find the "batteries"?  For example, I want to read and write Berkeley DB
files (or any simple persistent hash format).  Do I really have to write
my own code for that?  I see that there used to be a guile-db package in
Debian, but it depended in guile 1.6 which was some time ago :-)  And
anyway it is gone from current stable and testing, and there's no
upstream link for me to follow and check if it's any good for current

And this is just one example.  JSON, YAML, RFC 822 parsing, etc.
Basically all the stuff that's in Python standard library.  Note I'm
_not_ complaining that's guile doesn't bundle it like Python does.  I'm
asking if it exists, anywhere, at all, possibly in small pieces, but
ready to be reused.

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