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Guile Pull Request Wishlist

From: Amirouche Boubekki
Subject: Guile Pull Request Wishlist
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2015 13:02:15 +0100
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Héllo guilers!

As you may know each year at the end year there is going. The principle is simple create 24
pull requests one per day until Xmas.

Anyway, I though this would be a nice occasion for guilers to share
their contributions wishlist.

So here is mine:

# nanoblog

nanoblog is a blog application that has the look'n'feel of a microblog
app aka. it has hashtags and edit are super simple, everything happens
in a single textarea.  It use little markdown parser.

git clone

## Changelog

- ported to artanis (!) only the view part changed and how POST values
  are retrieved [1]

## Roadmap

My immediate need right now, is to have blogging application that can
do both micro-blog and blog. That first step only really miss auth
which I'm working on.

The next goal, is to connect it with the outside web world.

The far away goal is make it work in a truly decentralized network.

## Wishlist

- Add Auth support (I'm working on this)

- (easy) Add feed support for hashtags and timeline

- Add support for twitter publishing

- Add support for twitter messages/notifications (read-only)

- Add support for **p2p** microblogging network. In some future this
  must be done on top of gnunet but a proof of concept on top of
  simple DHT is desirable.

- Add *client* support for decentralized microblogging
  network. Requires to implement the pump API [5].

- Add *server* support for decentralized microblogging network. There
  is pump server API.

# guile-wiredtiger

Bindings of wiredtiger ordered key/value store.

git clone

## ChangeLog

- It moved back to current stable wiredtiger aka. 2.6.1 so you can
  install directly from source tarball instead of git (because git is

- UAV database rely on a fluid to specify the context so procedure
  signatures are simplified e.g. (uav-ref* uid) instead of
  (uav-ref* context uid)

## Wishlist

- (easy) Request to include wiredtiger-2.6.1 in Guix.  There is
  already a package definition in Guix it must be cleaned up.

- Create a guix package definition for guile-wiredtiger

- Put together a search database *similar* to whoosh. I already
  started but it's not ready for prime time. This includes porting
  stemming [2] to guile.

- (easy) Add missing bindings. Some functions are not bound to guile
  yet. The most useful functions are those related to async
  operations. Refer to wiredtiger manual and wiredtiger header.

- Create a client/server toolings. I already started something inside

# Little markdown parser

Little markdown parser is not a comprehensive markdown parser.

git clone

## Changelog

- Ported to guile-parser-combainators.

## Wishlist

- add support for metadata

- use guile-syntax-highlight [4] to highlight code

- more tests

That is all!


Amirouche ~ amz3 ~

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