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Re: nyacc 0.65.0 released

From: Matt Wette
Subject: Re: nyacc 0.65.0 released
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 08:54:48 -0800

On Dec 30, 2015, at 6:35 AM, Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> wrote:
Use C parser and pretty printer to clean up C expressions (e.g., remove unneeded paren’s):

The demo is already quite impressive!


What subset of C99 and GNU99 is currently supported?

I can’t remember if any C99 items are not in.  I do not have any GNU99 extensions in there.  However, this is not a faithful parser for C99.  The purpose is not to compile, but to generate translators and auto-coders.  I have built the parser with the following features:
1) The c-preprocessor parsing is merged in with the lexical analyzer.
2) The parse tree is “file oriented”, so that you can track what elements are in the top-level file.
3) The parser will parse comments.

#ifdef ABC
#include “xyz.h”
foo_t x;   /* this is a decl */

comes out


  (cpp-stmt (if (defined "ABC")))





        (decl (decl-spec-list

                (stor-spec (typedef))

                (type-spec (fixed-type "int")))

              (init-declr-list (init-declr (ident "foo_t")))))))

  (cpp-stmt (endif))

  (decl (decl-spec-list (type-spec (typename "foo_t")))

        (init-declr-list (init-declr (ident "x")))

        (comment " this is a decl ")))

and the pretty-printer generates

#if defined(ABC)

#include "xyz.h"


foo_t x; /* this is a decl */

What are you aiming for with the tree-il conversion?  That sounds
interesting.  :-)

The purpose of the tree-il conversion is to support “,L <langauge>” at the guile prompt.  And the tree-il code is done for _javascript_ and a simple calculator, not C.  I just tried the _javascript_ and it is not working, but here is a small demo with the simple calculator.  The calc files (parser, compiler and spec) are included below.

scheme@(guile-user)> ,L calc

Happy hacking with calc!  To switch back, type `,L scheme'.

calc@(guile-user)> a = 3 + 4

calc@(guile-user)> ,L scheme

Happy hacking with Scheme!  To switch back, type `,L calc'.

scheme@(guile-user)> a

$1 = 7

(define-module (nyacc lang calc parser)
  #:export (calc-parse calc-spec calc-mach)
  #:use-module (nyacc lalr)
  #:use-module (nyacc lex)
  #:use-module (nyacc parse)

(define calc-spec
   (prec< (left "+" "-") (left "*" "/"))
   (start stmt-list-proxy)

     (stmt-list "\n" ($$ `(stmt-list ,@(reverse $1)))))

     (stmt ($$ (list $1)))
     (stmt-list ";" stmt ($$ (cons $3 $1))))

     (ident "=" expr ($$ `(assn-stmt ,$1 ,$3)))
     (expr ($$ `(expr-stmt ,$1)))
     ( ($$ '(empty-stmt))))

     (expr "+" expr ($$ `(add ,$1 ,$3)))
     (expr "-" expr ($$ `(sub ,$1 ,$3)))
     (expr "*" expr ($$ `(mul ,$1 ,$3)))
     (expr "/" expr ($$ `(div ,$1 ,$3)))
     ('$fixed ($$ `(fixed ,$1)))
     ('$float ($$ `(float ,$1)))
     ("(" expr ")" ($$ $2)))

    (ident ('$ident ($$ `(ident ,$1))))

(define calc-mach
     (make-lalr-machine calc-spec))))

(define calc-parse
  (let ((gen-lexer (make-lexer-generator (assq-ref calc-mach 'mtab)
#:space-chars " \t"))
(parser (make-lalr-ia-parser calc-mach)))
    (lambda* (#:key (debug #f)) (parser (gen-lexer) #:debug debug))))

(define-module (nyacc lang calc compiler)
  #:export (calc-sxml->tree-il)
  #:use-module (sxml match)
  #:use-module (sxml fold)
  #:use-module (language tree-il))

(define (fup tree)
  (sxml-match tree
    ((fixed ,fx) `(const ,(string->number fx)))
    ((float ,fl) `(const ,(string->number fl)))
    ((ident ,id) `(toplevel ,(string->symbol id)))
    ((add ,lt ,rt) `(apply (toplevel +) ,lt ,rt))
    ((sub ,lt ,rt) `(apply (toplevel -) ,lt ,rt))
    ((mul ,lt ,rt) `(apply (toplevel *) ,lt ,rt))
    ((div ,lt ,rt) `(apply (toplevel /) ,lt ,rt))
    ((assn-stmt (toplevel ,lhs) ,rhs) `(define ,lhs ,rhs))
    ((empty-stmt) '(begin))
    ((stmt-list ,items ...) `(begin ,items ...))
    (,otherwise tree)))

(define (calc-sxml->tree-il exp env opts)
  (let* ((tree (foldt fup identity exp))
(code (parse-tree-il tree)))
    (values code env env)))

(define-module (language calc spec)
  #:export (calc)
  #:use-module (system base language)
  #:use-module (nyacc lang calc parser)
  #:use-module (nyacc lang calc compiler))

(define (calc-reader port env)
  (let ((iport (current-input-port)))
(lambda () (set-current-input-port port))
(lambda () (calc-parse #:debug #f))
(lambda () (set-current-input-port iport)))))

(define-language calc
  #:title "calc"
  #:reader calc-reader
  #:compilers   `((tree-il . ,calc-sxml->tree-il))
  #:printer write)

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