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[ANN] r6rs-protobuf 0.8, a pure Scheme Protocol Buffers implementation

From: Julian Graham
Subject: [ANN] r6rs-protobuf 0.8, a pure Scheme Protocol Buffers implementation
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 16:01:44 -0500


I'm pleased to announce the 0.8 release of r6rs-protobuf, a pure R6RS
Scheme implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers data interchange
framework.  (From Google's protobuf project page [0]:
"Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured data in an
efficient yet extensible format.") This implementation provides a
Scheme code generator and parser for the protocol buffer definition
language, and maps the protocol buffers feature set onto R6RS
libraries, records, and enumeration types.

This release includes a number of fixes from Takashi Kato that address
issues with the portability of this library to other Scheme platforms,
such as Vicare Scheme (, along
with general correctness. In particular:

* Top-level `option' declarations are now supported (and ignored).
* Portability issues fixed for code generated by Scheme
implementations with a `generate-temporaries' implementation that does
not produce portably serializable identifiers.
* Runtime portability issues fixed for Scheme implementations on which
an R6RS record type name does not expand to a reference to its RTD.
* Block comments in Protocol Buffer definitions are now supported.
* Fix exports missing from the private runtime library.
* Fix import collisions between `(rnrs base)' and `(srfi :13)'.
* Fix broken type predicates for the `uint32' and `uint64' field types.

The homepage for this project has moved since the last release (and
the permanent shutdown of Google Code). The new homepage is located

Check the source code out from the GitLab repository or download
compressed sources from the following Google Drive location:

Here are the SHA1 checksums:
 af220ff4aa25c9e5d25abfd05db1c907f9809c85 r6rs-protobuf-0.8.tar.bz2
 4ae5828e6df4eea662b17e72ae7415e78acf405b r6rs-protobuf-0.8.tar.gz


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