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persistant state in guile-log

From: Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Subject: persistant state in guile-log
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 09:13:30 +0100

Hi all,

In guile 2.1 the position of code segements are fixed relative certain vectors and this makes it
possible to store indexes of code segements and as a possibility to persist closures. I took advatage of this because state in guile-log means that we must do exactly that. Persist not only datastructures like struct lists and vectors vhashes etc, but also persist closures. So now one can do cool things in guile-prolog like:

prolog>  X=1,stall,Y=2.
prolog> .setp 1
prolog> .savep
prolog> .quit

stis> guile-prolog
prolog> .loadp
prolog>  .refp 1
prolog> .cont


This is the interface:
(.setp        ) <key>       associate current state to key
(.refp        ) <key>       instate state referenced by key to current state
(.savep       )             save all referenced states to disk
(.loadp       )             load new referenced states from disk
(.cont         )             continue a stalled predicate from current state

I can make this persistant code into a library anyone interested?

Oh the security implications of this is horrible but I don't pretend that guile-log is secure so
I don't care. What's more demading is that it depends on groveling into guile internal datastructures. Therefore I am reqesting an official way of persisting closures. What's your take on that? Would you
guy's want to supply such a mechansim or is it bad practice?


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