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From: Matt Wette
Subject: regex-case
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 11:13:25 -0800

I have always missed the ease provided by Perl in throwing a string at a list 
of regular expressions.   I have thought it would be nice if the (ice-9 regex) 
module would provide something comparable .   So I started work on a macro 
“regex-case”.    Code attached.
Comments on syntax appreciated. — Matt

=== test ================
(define str "foo")

 (regex-case str
   (("^([a-z]+)\\(([0-9]+)\\)$" v i)
    (list v i))
   (("^([a-z]+)$" v)
    (list v "1”)))
(“foo” “1”)

=== syntax ==============
(regex-case <string> 
 ((<pattern> <var> <var> …) <body>)
 ((<pattern> <var> <var> …) <body>)
 (else <body>)

Where <pattern> is a string form of a regular expression, <var> … are variables 
that are bound to the matched subexpressions, and <body> is a list of 
expressions.  The return is the last expression of the matched case.

=== expansion ===========
The example shown above expands to:
(let ((t-292 (make-regexp "^([a-z]+)\\(([0-9]+)\\)$"))
      (t-293 (make-regexp "^([a-z]+)$")))
  (cond ((regexp-exec t-292 str)
         (lambda (m)
           (let ((v (match:substring m 1))
                 (i (match:substring m 2)))
             (list v i))))
        ((regexp-exec t-293 str)
         (lambda (m)
           (let ((v (match:substring m 1))) (list v "1"))))))

I was thinking the above expansion has some chance (if it lives in the regex 
module?) to memoize the make-regexp part during optimization.  

If not a macro could be written to generate a match function which can memoize 
the make-regexp part.
(define regex-matcher foo ((<pattern> …) 
(define (let ((t-123 (make-regex <pattern>)) …) (lambda (str) (cond 
((regexp-exec t-123 str) ...

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