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[potluck dish] the module (potluck regexc)

From: Matt Wette
Subject: [potluck dish] the module (potluck regexc)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 05:30:18 -0800

The (potluck regexc) module provides a macro for throwing a string
at a sequence of regular expressions, executing an associated body
when a match is found.

Attached are three files:
* regexc.scm: the source code
* regexc.texi: documentation
* regexc.test: test code

Regexp Utilities

 -- Scheme Procedure: regexp-case str case ... [else body]
     Match the string STR against each CASE in turn.  Each CASE is of
     the form
          ((pat VAR1 VAR2 ...)
     where pat is a regular _expression_ string literal, VAR1 ... are
     bound to the ordered list of matched subexpressions, and BODY is a
     sequence of expressions.  If no match is found and the optional
     ELSE case exists, the associated body is executed, otherwise an
     error is signaled.

   The following example matches a string aginst either a simple
variable name, or a simple variable name with an array reference, and
returns a list with the variable name and the string index, or '"1"'.
If no match is found, '#f' is returned.

     (define str "foo")
     (regexp-case str
      (("^([a-z]+)\\(([0-9]+)\\)$" var idx)
       (list var idx))
      (("^([a-z]+)$" var)
       (list var "1"))
      (else #f))
     ("foo" "1")

 -- Scheme Procedure: make-string-matcher (str ...) case ... [else body]
     This is similar to 'regexp-case' but generates a procedure '(lambda
     (str ...) ...)' that matches its string argument STR againt each
     CASE in turn.

     (define my-matcher
       (make-string-matcher (str a b c)
        (("^([a-z]+)\\(([0-9]+)\\)$" var idx)
         (list var idx))
        (("^([a-z]+)$" var)
         (list var "1"))
        (else #f))

Attachment: regexc.scm
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Attachment: regexc.test
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Attachment: regexc.texi
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