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Re: Guile-Config 0.1 Released

From: Alex Sassmannshausen
Subject: Re: Guile-Config 0.1 Released
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 18:33:23 +0100
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Hi Barry,

Barry Fishman writes:

> On 2016-02-17 08:43:43 +0100, Alex Sassmannshausen wrote:
>> Arne Babenhauserheide writes:
>>> Is there a recommended way to use this in my project when my users don’t
>>> use Guix?
>> You should be able to do the usual GNU installation procedure of:
>> - download tarball
>> - untar
>> - run ./configure && make && make install
>> You may need to install some additional build tools for this, but
>> outside build tools the only dependency should be guile.
>> HTH, let me know if you run into problems with that :-)
> Is there a public repository for this software?

As per my original email, the public repository is currently hosted on
github at:

> The configure fails on any guile 2.1. Part of the problem seems to be
> that configure script does not like to put stuff under 2.2 but just 2.0.

huh.  Interesting.  Thanks for testing, I'll look into that in the near

> After installing in 2.0.11, I found that the Texinfo file had:
> @dircategory Guile
> @direntry
> * Guile Config: (Config).       Declarative program configuration
> @end direntry
> but the info file is not Config or, but

Quite right — that is an oversight on my part due to some recent
namespace changing.  I've made a new release tarball and uploaded it to
the site.

The URL for it is:

> As a general side note, not specific to this modules:
> [...]

I certainly sympathise with the perspective that packaging Guile modules
is currently… cumbersome.  Unfortunately I do not feel qualified to say
much beyond that, as I don't understand build systems well enough.

I'll leave to others, more knowledgeable than I am, to comment on these

Thanks for testing, and for your feedback!

Best wishes,

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