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NYACC version 0.70.0 released

From: Matt Wette
Subject: NYACC version 0.70.0 released
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2016 12:49:34 -0800

NYACC version 0.70.0 is released as beta

NYACC is a LALR parser generator written from the ground up in guile

* clean scheme-flavored syntax for grammar specification 
* prototype parsers for c, _javascript_, matlab that output parse trees in a SXML format
* partial sxml-parse-tree to il-tree conversion for _javascript_ and C
* partial sxml-parse-tree pretty printer for _javascript_ and C
* update: some minor bugs in C99 parser fixed
* update: cleaned up C99 file layout and updated install makefile

To install in scheme distribution:
$ cd module
$ make -f Makefile.nyacc install

download tarball from 

Future work: I would like to work on documenting the lalr algorithms and work on adding syntax for pruning production rules.


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