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Re: How do you earn money with Guile?

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: How do you earn money with Guile?
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 22:44:52 +0200
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Nala Ginrut writes:

> It's an interesting topic. Although I planed to share something when I earn
> more money, now that someone raised it... :-)


> Here I give you two real cases.
> The first one is that we use Guile to send command from UART to control a
> small robot. We made it in a sponsored hackathon. And earned the highest
> award in couple of hours, about $1500 (10,000 Chinese yuan). People never
> saw such a project, as the journalist wrote: "they ask the robot to write
> just 3 Chinese characters and get 10,000 yuan."
> It's an interesting story, I will write it in my blog. I wrote the
> prototype in Guile, but the hackathon day I have to go to church, and my
> friends encoutered problems, then someone have to rewrite it in Forth, or
> we may lost the chance in time. But the name of the project is
> lambda-tortoise, since it's in Scheme originally. Of course it's free
> project, and yes I wrote a thing to let Guile control serial port. But I
> haven't gotten time to release it.
> Here is the media report:

Cool! I can’t really read the page, but Google translation gives a rough
idea if the content.

> The second case is that I wrote a complete video multicasting system for a
> primary school. It's a serious business project, I spent lot of time to
> debug and deploy. The priciple is not complicated, there's server-side
> written in GNU Artanis (of course it's pure Guile Scheme) provided RESTful
> APIs, and more than 50 raspberryPI as client nodes (running some scripts to
> interact with the server), each node control a TV set. The operator could
> control nodes in groups, or monitor heartbeat, and even give command to it
> (shutdown or replay certain video).
> The old solution is very expensive for the school, and can not be scalable.
> I use Artanis for quick develop, and raspberryPI is cheap. So I helped them
> to solve the scalability problem, now if they want to add new node, just
> buy a raspberryPI, and flash a card with a customized system, connect to
> network, plug to the TV set, and just power it, it'll be recognized by
> server and push the latest video list. Very easy for them.
> Besides, my server is faster then their old solution which runs on Windows
> with dot net. They surprised that how my server can be so fast to upload 1G
> video in few seconds. And I surprised too, how can they endure such
> performance these years, 200M video they have to wait 10 minutes.
> For such a result all beyond their expectation. I get well paid, consider I
> just spent two days for programming(more time spent on debug and deploy), I
> think it's efficient to develop with Guile.

That sounds great!

> Well, I can't reveal how much money for this project. But it's far more
> than the number of the award I mentioned in the first case.
> And unfortunately, they bought all the code, so I can't free it to you. I
> really want to persuade them to free it to make this project as a perfect
> case of free software. But it's high customized system to meet their
> specific need. They don't want to reveal it for many reasons.
> Anyway, Artanis become stronger after this real business project. I think
> it's the most important.

This is something which would fit really well as a user story on the
Artanis web page. It would be ideal if you could get a quote from a
principal of the School how much your work improved their situation.

> And I have to say frankly, I can earn the money is not because I use Guile,
> but because I know how to solve the problem. Although the ability of
> solving problem is unrelated to the language, it's good for you to choose a
> good language for better develop experiences.

> Guile is a practical one in Scheme world. To my experience, Scheme is
> flexible enough when your code base increase, that is to say, you
> don't have to refactor frequently to meet your new needs, all the old
> part are easy to intergrate with your new code.

And this paragraph should in one way or another be on the Guile Website.

> For an Object-Oriented user, this may not surprise, but what if you
> drop your heavy object system and do the job in a light way?
> I think I'm the only one who refuse OO (yes, extreamly intended) in Scheme
> programming. I just want to see, to what extent, we may drop OO for same
> purpose in Scheme. OK, I confess I'm cheating, since I use the inheritance
> in record-type in r6rs. But it's the only cheating. :-)


Thank you for sharing your experience here!

Best wishes,
Unpolitisch sein
heißt politisch sein
ohne es zu merken

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