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Re: getting started writing desktop applications

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: getting started writing desktop applications
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 20:15:26 -0300

Hi Bary,

> >> The whole autoreconf setup for added modules seems to get broken with
> >> every development releases.  Some packages seem to require multiple
> >> reconfigs before they build.   

> > I'm not aware of any of this, could you be more specific?  

> OK. Looking at guile-dbi  My install script ended up including:

AFAICT, guile-dbi is unmaintained. If you are serious about this, use guile-pg
instead [1], or guile-sqlite3 [2]

Or grab this project under your umbrella and start to maintain it, iirc, the 
author was and still is looking for someone to pick it up and continue...

> >> Tests break with errors like not being able to exec "/bin/sh"  

> > This is the symptom that you have a 'corrupted' environment, and the
> > test suite can't
> > find guile and/or guild  

> > This has been fixed, patched under revision: they will be pushed and
> > guile-lib will
> > be released by the end of this month.

> >  

> Since you don't explain the symptoms of the bug, I don't know if it
> what I am experiencing.

To explain a symptom, you need to find out the cause :), and for that, I'd have 
sit in from of your machine and dig into the problem... 

> When I try to "make check" guile-lib (from the git repository) I get:

So, either you wait another 2 weeks or:

        git clone guile-lib
        grab the 11 patches I was talking about in the previous email
        apply them
        re run the autotool danse



[2]     guile-sqlite3 was on gitorious, but it's only 1 file, you my find it 

There is also Guile-Squee, experimental:

It's been created by Christopher Allan Webber, I fully autotool chained it
slightly later, but afaict, he still hasn't merge this in master: if you want 
to try
it, clone it and immediately checkout the devel branch, then run the autool 

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