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[ANN] guile-sdl2 0.2.0 released

From: Thompson, David
Subject: [ANN] guile-sdl2 0.2.0 released
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 21:15:13 -0500

Hello Guilers,

I am pleased to announce the release of Guile-SDL2 0.2.0.  Guile-SDL2
provides pure Guile Scheme bindings to the SDL2 game programming
library.  Guile-SDL2 not only provides low-level bindings to the SDL2
C API, it also provides a high-level, more Schemey interface for
happier hacking.  In addition to bindings for the core SDL2 API,
bindings for the SDL2_image, SDL2_mixer, and SDL2_ttf extension
libraries are also available.

Notable additions:

- Bindings for joystick and game controller input events
- Bindings for text input events
- Binding for IMG_SavePNG
- Bindings for SDL_CreateRGBSurface and SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom

If you are interested in hacking on additional bindings, fixing bugs
that may be lurking, or writing documentation, patches can be sent
directly to my email address, and real-time discussion can happen in
#guile on Freenode.

Release tarball:

GPG signature:

Home page:

Happy hacking!

- Dave

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