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Re: The status of JIT compiler of Guile (was: Guile benchmark)

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: The status of JIT compiler of Guile (was: Guile benchmark)
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2017 19:19:18 +0800

I've rebased the latest master ( and fixed to work.
The result become more interesting with the naive case mentioned in my
earlier mail:
Chez: 15s
Guile-JIT: 12s

Alright, we still need to face some problems.

In Atsuro's original design, there're two files should be included
with Scheme's "include" function  in the compiling time. IMO this is
not a good way, since it'll assume the building path is the same with
source path. Then it complains jit-code-t.scm and
compat-x86_64-linux.scm are missing. I've fixed this issue in Makefile
to make a soft link. In the long term I think it's better to change
its design to use modules.

And we don't have to generate jit-code-t.scm every time we compile.
This file is generated by gen-code-t.scm according to GNU-lightning
header file. Next step, I will move it to script directory and we may
generate it with guild. It's a standalone script actually.

To be continued.

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