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Re: ffi helper

From: Amirouche
Subject: Re: ffi helper
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 18:43:25 +0100
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Héllo Matt!

Le 09/03/2017 à 03:06, Matt Wette a écrit :
I’m now working on a FFI helper based on the nyacc C99 parser.
My current prototyping goal is to autogenerate the functions for cairo.h.
I will assume going with scheme-bytestructures.
I’ll keep this list posted on progress.


Let me know, when it will be possible to try.
FWIW I started some bindings for libgit2 but
I got stuck... Basically because it's overwhelming.

I got stuck trying to bind "git clone" [1]. Here is the signature:

|int git_clone(git_repository **out, const char *url, const char *local_path, const git_clone_options *options);|

It requires a double pointer "out". Then it also
has a "options" which is a "git_clone_options" struct
which in turns requires |another struct named git_checkout_options.

I am still not sure how to declare function pointers in
guile-bytestructures and libgit2 make heavy use of those.
It's located at

Maybe it's too complicated, instead I can try to
regenerate my wiredtiger bindings [2]. What is
specific about it is that it has functions pointers
in struct.


[2] which has unit tests, so it will be "easy" to know if it works or not

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