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Gush: A stack based language eventually for genetic programming

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Gush: A stack based language eventually for genetic programming
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2017 14:36:12 -0500
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Hello all!  I'd like to announce that I've been working on a stack based
language written on top of Guile called "Gush", heavily inspired by
the Push/PushGP stack based language and genetic programming system
(but with some important differences):

That page won't give you much info though, so here's a blogpost that
gives you more info (and background, which might be even more fun) than
you could possibly desire!

Here's a couple of previews pulled from the blogpost

  scheme@(guile-user)> (run '(3 2 / 4 +))
  $2 = (14/3)
  scheme@(guile-user)> (run '(1 1 + 'b define  ; assign b to the value of 1 + 1
                              2 b = if         ; check if b is 2
                                "two b"        ; if-then clause
                                "not two b"))  ; if-else clause
  $8 = ("two b")

The language is very loose, and no matter how much you autogenerate
mutated abominations of programs, should not crash (at least not due to
type reasons).  It also is able to limit the number of computation steps
run, so your autogenerated programs shouldn't run forever.

If tarballs are more your thing, here's a preliminary release:

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